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Environment protection

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In 1996, 1997 and 1998, the company completed the sewage treatment project through multi-channel financing of 16.5 million yuan. In November 1999, it obtained the “Shandong Province Limited Treatment Project Management Facilities, Acceptance Certificate issued by Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau. ". In order to completely solve the problem of production pollution, in 2002, the company realized the complete transformation of raw materials from straw pulp to whole commercial pulp, completely solved the pollution problem, and became a papermaking enterprise with the production of various high-grade specialty papers as the leading products. In 2016, the company injected huge sums of money to comprehensively upgrade the sewage biochemical treatment system to meet the water quality standards of the river basin, and passed the provincial and municipal level emission inspection and acceptance.


Yintong Papermaking


Yintong Papermaking


Yintong Papermaking


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