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Yintong PapermakingChina is the hometown of paper. The invention of paper is not only China’s great contribution to global paper culture transmission, but also the concentrated expression of splendid culture of five thousand years in China, so our ancestors will be always admired for their great achievement.Laiyang Yintong Papermaking Company has been making efforts to catch up with  International paper making standards, with vast investment by virtue of technology, quality, service and efficiency. Our major product varieties are Anti-falsification paper, fruit bag paper, food wrapping paper, high-grade security paper,etc.We not only comply with strict standards in confidentiality management, quality management and security management, but also focuses on customers’ demands in organization and business processes, in order to fully ensure the customer services fast and accurately.Since 2002, our company changed from traditional normal paper making to focus on research and development of anti-falsification paper products, and achieved good results. Over the years, it has obtained more and more customers trusts.
Our Chairman Li Changzeng would like to express our most loyal respect and gratitude to friends from all over the world, and hope you will continue to support the development of Yintong Paper. We try our best to become specialty Paper Base in China and create brilliance for the revitalization of China's paper industry!